Saturday, 1 April 2006

Picture from Hometown

Hi, I've started this journal so that I can show photos of my holidays to people I met while away. AOL seem to not want to add people who don't have AOL as their ISP to my private journal. I will be adding some photos from previous trips to it later on but for now I'll add the South American ones that I took this month.

Hope you like them!


jaymact1 said...

Thank you for that Jeannette I will put it on my alerts so I can get caught up.What a great idea am sure your friends will love it.  Love Joan.

rachealcarol said...

They're wonderful pictures, another world.  It looks like it was a holiday with interest everyday, the countryside is gorgeous and such bright friendly people and animals..........I like the little Llama's, that's the size I can handle :) Rache

simsshineon said...

hi enjoyed your pics,
                   neesan (  wales uk. )


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