Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt#77.

This is my entry for Photo Scavenger hunt #77.
Go over and visit Val at 
Photo Scavenger Hunt #77...
she's doing this for Krissy, her sister while Krissy's at Hope Lodge with John.
I couldn't decide which to use, can I put in four Val?!
The first one I took in Rio de Janeiro from the top of the Christ The Redeemer statue overlooking Guanabara Bay.
The second I took at Iguassu Falls, the spray from the falls produced this beautiful rainbow.
Number three I took in New Hampshire last fall, I loved the bright colour of this maple tree.
Finally number four is another I took at Iguassu Falls in Brazil this March.





Hope you like them, I think nature is just so impressive.
Love  Jeannette xx

Sunday, 28 May 2006

Las Vegas.

I've just added the photos of Las Vegas. It was beautifully hot there (105F!) and great to see all these famous hotels in real life. On our way to Las Vegas we drove along Route 66 and stopped at a great little ice cream parlour. The owner was so funny and as long as you had time to stand and wait while he deliberately mixed up orders and gave out one inch high ice cream cones to anyone who dared asked him to hurry it was fine! He was a real character, it was lovely to meet someone like him!
I hope you enjoyed the pics from this tour that started way back in Denver, it was one of the best holidays I've had, the scenery was amazing and so diverse, ranging from mountains to steaming geysers and deserts, what more could you ask for?!!
Jeannette xx

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona and Utah!

Thought I'd add some more photos following on from the last entry. I went to all these places in one trip, we had a wonderful tour guide called Patric (without a 'k'!), he came from Washington state and really knew his stuff! I learnt a lot about the geology and history from him. The last part of the tour took us to Las Vegas. I've been cut off so many times today that I'll add this entry then add the Vegas pics in another entry.

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming.

I'm adding this then coming back to do the captions, AOL keep cutting me off and I don't want to lose the photos I've added.
This was a trip I took in 2002, I started off in Denver, Colrado then we drove up to South Dakota, stopping at Cheyenne, Wyomings' capital. I'm going to have to look up the towns I visited, can't remember all the names!!
Be back soon!
Love Jeannette xx

Preston Park, Brighton.

Hi, I know everybody on my main journal saw these last night but I have a few people who can't get on it so I've put these pics of Preston Park on here too.
Preston Park is Brightons' oldest public park, it has wonderful mature gardens as well as the larger grassy area which has tennis courts, football pitches and bowls greens. Most of the photos were taken in the Rookery Rock garden, an area laid out many years ago with plants trees and rocks plus waterfalls cascading down to a large pond. It's been left to mature on it's own and is absolutely beautiful, especially in springtime.
Love Jeannette

Tuesday, 9 May 2006

More photos of Arizona and New Mexico.

Arizona and New Mexico.

I'm adding my photos of a trip to Arizona and New Mexico that Andy and I did in 1999. My long time readers will have seen them but I know a lot of the newer people haven't. We started off in Scottsdale and travelled through the desert visiting Tombstone, Tucson, White Sands, Carlsbad Cavern, Roswell, Santa Fe, Taos, Bandelier NM, Canyon de Chelley, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Sedona and back to Scottsdale. It was a wonderful round trip, the sun shone brightly throughout and we saw some amazing sights.
On my first attempt to load the photos I got cut off when it had loaded 85, I'll try again.
Hope you enjoy them!
Love Jeannette xx

I've managed to add thirty nine; on my second attempt I got 117 transferred then it froze so I shall caption these then add the others on another entry in case I lose them all again!


Your Monday Photo Shoot: Grab Bag!

You know what? Sometimes it's fun not to have any rules. With that in mind:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Grab Bag! Show off any picture you want, and long as it's really cool. That's right, you make the call -- all I want is to look at it and say "Whoa! What a neat picture."

(And remember, just because it's called the Monday Photo Shoot doesn't mean you can't post a picture on Tuesday, Wednesday or even Thursday morning for consideration on the Thursday spotlight entry.)

From John at; http://beta.journals.aol.com/johnmscalzi/bytheway/entries/5904

I've never done this monday morning photo shoot before but I had this photo I took a couple of years back in Hawaii and thought it footed the bill!! It was taken on top of Mauna Kea at sunset, you can see the sun setting below the clouds. The big structures are the huge telescopes that take advantage of the rarefied air at nearly 14,000ft.

Thursday, 4 May 2006


I've added photos of New England tonight. I haven't captioned all of them as it's very late. I'll do the others tomorrow. I went to New England in October 2005, I'd always wanted to see the fall colours and was lucky enough to catch them in their full beauty. It was much better than any publicity photos I saw for it, absolutely amazing colour everywhere once we reached New Hampshire.


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