Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Phot Scavenger Hunt #78

This is my entry for Photo Scavenger hunt #78.
Once again Val is standing in for Krissy while she's at Hope Lodge with John.
The subject this week is Black and White and can be anything.....black and white photos, black and white objects, your choice.
To play post a photo or photos of your choice in your journal and place a link to it in Val's journal, 
There is a Season
My entry this week is a photo I took in 2002 on a visit to Scotland. The location is Queens View at Loch Tummel. This was Queen Victoria's favourite view in Scotland, it was certainly very majestic there!



sazzylilsmartazz said...

This is beautiful I love black and white. Ever hear of Ansel Adams?
Thanks for sharing!

mariebm56 said...


valphish said...

Wow, that is sooooooo gorgeous!  I love how the sky looks in this shot, Jeannette!  Wonderful!  Have a good rest of the week, honey!  Love, Val xox

radar446 said...

I really like that the exposure is such that the sky and water are the main points of interest.  Everything else is there in a supporting role.  Wonderful entry!


astra1547 said...

hi Jeannette...

lovely picture...best wishes!


pharmolo said...

That's a fantastic picture, Jeannette. It's a miracle, isn't it, the way light can work

fasttrack58 said...

Perfect Perfect Perfect!!!
Linda :)
Have a great week!!!

fisherkristina said...

I love the mountains in the background.  Nice pic.

Krissy at Hope Lodge

sylviam4000 said...

It's a beutiful scene and a lovely photo Jeannette. Thanks for sharing. Take care.
Sylvia xx

pbaldrey said...

Still enjoying the photos.


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