Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Monday Photo Shoot.

Your Monday Photo Shoot: In Flight

We've got some fine, summery skies here these last few days, which inspired this week's Photo Shoot:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Capture something in flight. Birds, insects, planes, bats, whatever -- if it's getting around in the skies, it's fair game for this photo shoot.

Here's mine, a bi-plane over Brighton during the London to Brighton Veteran Car Rally and a heron taking off in a bayou just outside New Orleans.




jeadie05 said...

Didnt know about this one ! I have of course added it to my alerts ...love Jan xx

geocachelinda66 said...

Very nice!  Did you change your title?  Linda

nightmaremom said...

Love this...  I'm assuming it is fairly new and have ya on alerts :)

mariebm56 said...

LOVE THESE!!!! Beautifull shots!  Cool plane!
I love watching herons take off into flight.  They are so neat to watch!

lsfp1960 said...

I don't think I was aware of this journal.  But I added it to my alerts.   Linda

shelt28 said...

Cool Pictures. I have been trying to get pictures of our local Heron too. But he is not playing well with others today!


nedmoh said...

Great shots Jeannette

pbaldrey said...

You really captured the heron at the right moment.

pbaldrey said...

My recent trip to Brighton was a very different one.

Liz in Virginia said...

Wow you are so blessed to be able to travel so much. Keep on with the pictures, we are traveling with you through them.
Take care.


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