Monday, 25 September 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt #89.


Photo Scavenger Hunt #89 will be due on Sunday, September 24, at 11:00 PM EST.

Once again I'm playing Krissy's Photo Scavenger Hunt. I looked through past photos I've taken to see what I clas as my favourite things. Here are but a few!

Firstly there's flowers, these I took at Leonardslee Gardens in May this year.


Second is the season of autumn which is coming up fast! I took this photo in New England last year.


This I took as we crossed Lake Winnepasaukee in New Hampshire.


My next favourite thing is Yellowstone Park, Wyoming. The geysers and lakes were awe inspiring!


I also love the beach, I think this one in Province Town was so pretty!


On the same subject, I loved Tunnels beach on Kauai, one of the Hawaiian islands. Funny how beaches differ, this one was the setting for the film South Pacific, it was so peaceful.


Another tranquil beach I found was in Borneo, this was at Turtle Island, a beautiful place!


If I'm not on a beach one of my favourite things is to go for boat rides, this was at Cape Cod last autumn.


Stillm on a water theme I love waterfalls, this was one I took in March at Iguassu Falls, Brazil.


And I couldn't really finish this entry without putting in my very favourite things could I?! Nina and Katinka!


I hope you've enjoyed seeing my favourite things, I have many more but my mind has gone blank!



astra1547 said...

they are really gorgeous pictures breathtaking! hope your leg is getting better...


nhd106 said...

Oh my!   What wonderful photos!  Makes me want to travel real badly.


dcmeyer420 said...

Great photos! The Hawaii beach one is my fave. I used to live there so you're pic transported me back there. Thank you.

rayne1123 said...

great pictures!  i love them all.  thanks for stopping by my journal!

midwestvintage said...

  Great pictures.  I love the Autumn picture and the beaches.  Wish I lived near a beach.


rjet33 said...

Oh wow, Jeannette!  How did I miss these?  Great choices!  I see I have much to catch up on!

Hope Andy and you are doing well!

God Bless!~


mtrib2 said...

An interesting group of photos. Thank you for sending me the invitation to your private journal. Salty and I are just back in from checking the mail and walking a little. mark


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