Sunday, 17 September 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt.

 Val's Photo hunt this week is a special one- Gifts for Krissy and John.
My gifts are rhodedendrons and Maine Coons. I know Krissy and John love Maine Coons, their Mr Michael is a beautiful brown tabby MC.









fisherkristina said...

Oh Jeannette!  Thank you for this!  I love rhodedendrons also!  We had some in our yard when I was a child!  They are some of my fave flowers.  We had a mountain laurel that looked like the second one.  Of course mountain laurel is in the rhodey family.  That looks just like the plant in our back yard!  Oh, what a pleasure to see it!  It is so nostalgic to me.  I always try to find pics of it so I can look at it.  Thanks for showing it to me!  And the first rhodey is spectacular in color!  And you know what?  The Maine Cooners are even better!  Thank you for the delightful photos!

Love, Krissy

mariebm56 said...

Love the Queen tag at the end!!
very cute, i want one too!
; )

angelrose2u said...

what great photos, beautiful coons there :)


valphish said...

Oh, Jeannette, they will LOVE this... I am so sorry I didn't see this in time.  I will send this to Krissy's email right away.  I will try to include this in next week's hunt listing, too.  So sorry I didn't see this until right now.  Krissy loves rhodies, too.  They grow all over the place here!  They are our state flower- the Mountain Laurel is, which is in the rhodie family.  Look how your baby has grown, Jeannette!  Pure bliss!  Thanks, honey! xox

rayne1123 said...

beautiful flowers and your cats are adorable!


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